Overcoming PTSD Through a Psychosensory Therapy in order to release the trauma of the past – Fast!

Overcoming our human mind and spirit is important to be strong – but also fragile at the same time. When we face a certain trauma, our mind and spirit work in line and are ‘damaged’ in such a way that they are becoming fragile. This can be best described with our actions and functions which are far from normal, and our thoughts that are deceiving and hopeless.

The strength of the brain and the written content, however, can also relate to positive activities. Our brain and its data can be the best strength we have ever had in overcoming trauma – no matter how distressing, damaging, or painful it is.

Shifting The Mind and Spirit From Painful And Disturbing – To Positive And Controlling

PTSD, or also known as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, is an anxiety disorder that people develop after being victims of assaults, survivors from a calamity, abuse in their childhood years, etc. They suppress their memories in the form of nightmares, flashbacks, and instant mood changers.

The truth is, our mind and body are still in shock after these traumatic experiences happen – even if it is years or decades later. If we don’t cope with stress and anxiety, they likely transform into what we know as PTSD or in other words, a continuous disorder that comes from a traumatic experience in our lives.

But is there a way out? Is there a way to make peace with the traumatic experiences we have been through in the past and don’t let them become a distressing disorder?

Fortunately, there is. One of the best healing methods has been developed by Robert Gene Smith and is called the eutaptics® FasterEFT Training. Thanks to it, patients have recovered from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and learned how to make peace with their traumatic experiences – as strange as this may sound. The entire secret is to make peace with the negative experiences once and for all.

Psychosensory in the form of Tapping with eutaptics® And Achieving The Strength To Overcome PTSD

Whether you want to prevent – or overcome PTSD in your life, the magic healing method known as “eutaptics® FasterEFT Training” which is related to tapping will help you put yourself on the right track. Instead of becoming addicted to cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol – you can change the way you react to your experiences and don’t run and hide anymore. That is how eutaptics® works, by teaching you to deal with your problems.

There are a lot of things you should overcome and master when it comes to eutaptics® and the tapping technique. Tapping, in this case, actually refers to locating the issue and facing it through the eutaptics® methodology. It also means thinking about or recalling the problem for the last time – as distressing and discouraging it may be.

The way eutaptics® works is simple. Once the traumatic event (in this case) is tapped, the methodology lets you face it, imagine yourself being there, see what you saw, heard or felt – and let go of all the shame, rejection, hopelessness, judgments, abandonments, lack of control and secrets you may have felt. In a nutshell, this method helps you eliminate all your emotional traumas and use your mind and spirit to take a deep breath and say “Peace!”.

Can eutaptics® Be Used For Any Traumatic Experience That Ever Occurred To You?


You can even use the eutaptics® technique as a routine method to reduce your traumatic experience day by day. This is the most recommended practice on eutaptics® to identify all your past (and present) problems, recognize them, face them, and understand them.

Once you identify your feelings during the traumatic experiences, you can prevent or treat your PTSD disorder in the best way possible. And trust us, you’ll be amazed at the effects.

It only takes a few deep breaths and a change in your mindset to let go of your trauma. So, will you at least try?

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7 Ways eutaptics® FasterEFT Is Different Than EFT

Have you heard of emotional freedom techniques (EFT)? If not, they basically refer to some meridian points on the body which derive from the science of acupuncture – and which can release energy blockages that are believed to be caused by negative emotions.

However, that is what eutaptics tapping refers to eutaptics® FasterEFT Training, on the other hand, is a technique invented by Robert Gene Smith and one that fully respects the practice of the above-mentioned techniques – and has a lot in common with them. However, Eutaptics is a model that approaches the ‘tapping’ and healing from a totally different perspective.

Although both of the concepts involve tapping and are universal healing tools that are painless and natural, they have some big differences. Today, we are sharing some of the major differences between EFT and Eutaptics – to prove how and why Eutaptics has been the better alternative for many people.

1. A Different Essence From The Start

The standard EFT preaches that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in our energy flow, it’s an energy therapy. However, eutaptics® FasterEFT Training operates from the belief that there is no disruption in our energy system, but a creation of subconscious imprints that lead to the emotional attachments – whether positive or negative, it’s a thinking system.

2. The Role Of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

In a nutshell, NLP is the study of how we think and stucture our thoughts. And while it is not as nearly as evident in EFT, eutaptics® FasterEFT Training is based on neuro-linguistic programming as the backbone of our subconscious thinking and structuring. Keeping our past alive and subconscious mind active, NLP works with emotions from our past that we engage with right here and now.

3. Meridian Tapping

When it comes to tapping, EFT uses it to remove the ‘static’ from your electrical system, eutaptics® FasterEFT Training, however, believes that you get quicker results through the NLP understanding of how the mind works and with the tapping – and then implement it through the five senses in your body. Or, as Robert Smith likes to say:

The tapping process is just one of many tools we use and the least important because you can tap and get no results.”

4. Psychological Reversal

The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, states that without a correction, the Psychological Reversal in people won’t go away, no matter how long you tap. This is mainly because of the assumption that our energy system is a set of electrical circuits and in order for them to work, there mustn’t be any energy blockages.

eutaptics® FasterEFT Training doesn’t believe in psychological reversal – and boils down to the structure of problems and how retrieving them from the core works as the best therapy in this case.

5. Emotions

Emotions are a tricky thing. In the concept of EFT, they are treated as the main aspects of memory. However, with Eutaptics, we know emotions are one of the five parts of memory and each part needs to be addressed. The thoroughness of Eutaptics is to make sure the whole memory is re-imprinted.

This is mainly because we store emotions as one fit of the events and capture all aspects at one time – rooted in our unconscious mind that provides all the answers.


In the end, we can definitely conclude that EFT is a process that likes to see our thinking, emotions, and rationality as an energy blockage, whereas the Eutaptics technique focuses on the subconscious mind and the structure of how we create a problem with past experiences, thoughts, emotions and rational thinking. It, therefore, finds the cause of our problems.

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I was in a Cult – Robert Gene Smith helps with eutaptics® to get my music and life back!


Before I tell you more about eutaptics® (FasterEFT) let me first tell you how I “lost” myself and my music.

The Cult

In 1992, I joined a religious cult. It almost took my life. Their initial message was good but my life there became increasingly oppressive.  Playing the piano and being close to family and friends was not allowed. After eight years in the cult, I was so traumatized I slipped into a mental breakdown and had no desire to live. I was in deep pain and my soul was ravaged by anxiety and depression. I was afraid of life, of God, afraid of people, of being judged, even afraid of prosecution, imminent nuclear war, and going to hell.

After the Cult

It wasn’t easy when I got out. In the beginning, I felt I was a victim and blamed other people for doing this to me. Now I take full responsibility for my decisions. I now see I had not been respecting myself enough and I had let people dominate me. To take back my life I had to learn to take my power back and learn how to dominate my own life instead of letting other people tell me what to do. I am so thankful for this lesson and for learning how to create a good life.

Eutaptics and Years of Therapy

Years of therapy have helped me to get back on my feet, but very slow. What really made the difference was Eutaptics. I attended a Eutaptics seminar in Budapest and after that my life changed fast. Eutaptics has helped me to free my spirit, and once again learn to love and forgive. My wish is that everybody gets to know this wonderful technique.

I composed a song which I called “Budapest”, dedicated to this big turning point in my life.

With new strength, I renewed my faith in a loving and caring God. Today I am thankful for having a much better life, even if I still have issues to work on.

After I found Eutaptics my life Changed so much

About 20 years after I joined the cult I started playing the piano again and composing my own music. I bought my first instrument, a grand piano.

The music was still alive inside of me. It never died. It is all about changing focus and move into love, forgiveness, and feeling good.

In 2013 I made several stage talk show and the Norwegian State TV channel NRK, made a 30 minutes documentary about my life in the cult and the way back.

In 2015 I joined Periscope, a live streaming service owned by Twitter. Today I got 9,000,000 “likes” and thousands of followers and viewers from all over the world, including Asia and Japan. The Norwegian State TV channel NRK made a report on the national news about my playing on Periscope. Nobody had done something like this in Norway before, with such a success.

In 2016 I released my first album, called “Still Playing”. I was and I am very proud to present an album with my own compositions.


I love “touching” people with my music

Daily I get e-mails or responses on social media from all over the world. People feel touched by my music. Men never crying start crying. They feel a release in their life. People who lost close family or friends get comfort. People feeling depressed and anxious gets motivation. Children that can’t sleep fall asleep. Dogs that are stressed get calm. People already feeling good feel even better.

Today I am so thankful for everything that happened in my life, even the darkest times.  It gives my piano songs a deeper meaning. I am so excited about the future. It is all about feeling good and doing things in life that make me happy!

My message:

Official Eutaptics website: www.skillstochange.com

Visit his website: www.JonHarald.com

Follow Jon on:

You can find his music on: iTunes
Google play 

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eutaptics® FasterEFT Training can help with feeling overwhelmed

feeling overwhelmed

Do you know that feeling when you have too much on your plate that you can’t decide what to start with? Or that feeling you have whenever you have too many at hand, you don’t know what to do anymore and you keep yourself stuck.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed may seem usual or normal but it is not as simple as it sounds. It can have a variety of adverse effects on a person’s mind, body, and lifestyle. Generally, stress causes overwhelm.

Stress has a wide range effect on a person that it can show not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It can shut down the prefrontal cortex of the brain which is responsible for cognitive thinking, thus making the person impossible of thinking clear.

So no matter how hard you try to cope with the feeling of overwhelm, if you are stressed, you will not be able to organize and deal with the situation properly. It is very helpful to try hard to stay calm first to be able to think clearly because the more stress you feel, the stronger the feeling of overwhelm becomes.

How to deal with overwhelm?

To deal with overwhelm, it is very helpful to change the subject of your stress to be able to have a different emotional state. Let us put you in a common situation where people usually feel overwhelmed. You are overwhelmed by the amount of work you have and every time you think of it, you feel more anxious and lost on where to start. You start to organize things but you noticed that you are just moving things around and not getting things done. This happens every day that you start to dread going to work and slowly gets ill. In situations like this, what would you do? To not be swallowed by these feelings, you can start changing the subject of your subconscious using the Eutaptics technique.

The eutaptics® FasterEFT Techniques

The eutaptics® FasterEFT technique works directly with the subconscious to change the records and data it keeps. One does not need to recall or master these records in his head. You just need to know these key questions:

  1. How do I know I’m overwhelmed?

Answering this question will help you get to the root of the feeling. It is important to know how much it drags you on situations where you feel helpless.

  1. What happens inside me when I experience this?

This question identifies the hints and bodily changes you can experience whenever you feel overwhelmed. The things you experience can help you make necessary adjustments before you flip out.

  1. When have I experienced this before?

Remembering if similar things may have triggered the feeling of overwhelm before can cure the root of this stressful situation. You will be able to foresee and prepare yourself whenever you know that you may have the feeling of overwhelm in a situation.

In going through these questions, you are using the eutaptics® FasterEFT process to address memories. Going through these details, you are clearing your emotions and flipping the memories in your brain.

After this, you can go back to the present situation and notice that the feeling of overwhelming seems lower. You can repeat the Eutaptics process until you can no longer find the feeling of overwhelming.

Using Eutaptics to change the data stored in your subconscious will cause your brain to calm down and reach a balanced state. By changing the previous memories, you also change your future reactions to situations since you can now anticipate when to get overwhelmed.

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Choosing The Right Career For You In 3 Simple Steps

FasterEFT choosing right Career

No matter if you are 15 or 50, to choose your dream means to get over many things and see what you really want to do with your life. It also means taking responsibility to the maximum – which is a difficult process to overcome. However, it is a thing that will raise your hopes and help you choose the right career for you.

Step 1: Think Where You See Yourself In Five Years

Think about your ordinary Monday in five years. Do you envision yourself as a team worker, leading your team to success? Or as an individual who thrives and sees the meaning of success as a backbone of your own effort? Think about yourself in five years – what you are wearing, what your corporate workspace looks like, what industry you are dreaming to work in. With these things in mind, pursuing a career is definitely easier. If anything was possible what would you do?

Although it may be pretty hard to answer this question and visualize yourself in five years, the impulse about creating and visualizing your dream job can be the one leading you to the changes you need to do. Practice it every day and it will become easier.

After all, the thing we feel like we want to do best is the thing we should pursue – and we won’t end up there if we don’t daydream it as much times as possible.

Step 2: Write A Manifest – As A Plan To Guide On

‘Why write it down?’ – you are asking yourself.

The answer is simple. Successful and inspired people write their plans and dreams on paper starting with the outcome. It creates a certain stimulus of taking action upon it – and in this case it may result in yourself choosing the career you have always wanted to be in.

If you give yourself a real call to action and decide how you want to do things, you have walked the first few miles. Picking some topics and setting down your principles comes next, as the part in which you decide how do you want your workday to be, where you would like to work and what are the actions you are going to undertake to see it happen.

Step 3: Most Importantly, Activate Your Unconscious Mind

This step is the most radical one you need to make. Once you know your dream career, your passion in life,  fears and limiting believes can show up or most likely will show up.

Eutaptics, a very powerful technique, teaches you how to overcome your fears from success – even if you started ‘tapping’ into the success zone. The truth is, many entrepreneurs have this fear even when they are successful. If you don’t want to be one of them and block your way to success, you should start taking action now.

What you don’t know is that your mind is trapped by your conscious thoughts. All the negative emotions, burdens and beliefs are structured in your unconsciousness. It doesn’t feel or think – it just delivers upon request. So, if you think about your dream and being successful, in the same time, you will see how unsafe being successful is based upon your proofs, feelings and past references. Being stuck and not taking action is also a part of the process – it keeps you “safe”, so the best thing is to change all your negative past feelings, beliefs and memories to positive ones. That way, you will be suddenly able to reach your goals and be successful

Never underestimate yourself.  You have a very powerful weapon – your mind, which you can use to reach success. Also, there lies the secret to success in any area. If you make friends with your subconscious mind, it will tell you how to do what you want and live the life you are meant for. But, how to tap into that success zone?

Start Benefiting From Eutaptics – And Level-Up Your Thinking

You are your own instrument for creativity. Choosing your dream career is a move you need to make. If you are trapped by the negative thoughts that bring you down, stop.

The truth is, your mind should be free of any negativity and ready to pursue success. And it will only be in that state once you clear all the proofs and references stored in your subconscious that keep you away from achieving what you want.

Through Eutaptics, you will learn how to make use of your unconcious mind which is known to ‘drive the bus’ and set your thoughts and emotions on auto pilot towards the direction you choose to go.

Interested in changing your life and choosing the right career path?


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Why Anybody Can Be Successful – Including You

Faster EFT Motivation

dA while ago, people used to believe that becoming successful is only for people who are either lucky, or have royal blood. However, genes don’t play a big role when it comes to being successful – and the 21st century prove that right.

In fact, science proved that anybody can be successful – including you. And the truth behind it lies in your beliefs. Yes, being successful has all to do with what you believe, and how do you do it.

  1. Yes, We Mean Anyone…

Jimmy Carter, a famous American author sums up the meaning of success in a great quote:

“I believe that anyone can be successful in life, regardless of natural talent or the environment within which we live. This is not based on measuring success by human competitiveness for wealth, possessions, influence, and fame, but adhering to God’s standards of truth, justice, humility, service, compassion, forgiveness, and love.”

In reality, it is all about beliefs, attitude and determination more than the genetics, intelligence, background or ideas. Becoming successful is definitely not a walk in the park – it takes time and effort. However, once you follow a course of certain guidelines, thoughts and actions accompanied with the dedication to become something – you will likely become successful.

The thing with success is that everyone has their own definition of it. For someone, it means doing what they love most and for others, it means piles of cash. Therefore, becoming the richest person in the world versus helping the most people can be different outcomes for people. The truth here is that as long as you strive to stick to your passion and be the best in whatever you want to be you can reach your goals, you are already on the half way to success.

  1. Tap Into Success With The Eutaptics Strategy

If you have never heard of Eutaptics, you have missed a chance to enter the mindset that lets you find and resolve specific events so that they no longer stand in your way. However, Eutaptics is more than that.

Developed by Robert G. Smith, this strategy makes you remove all burdens from your system and continue to clear disruptions. Moreover, it helps you build the right action plan to success and focus on yourself and nothing else – experiencing a level of peace and happiness which are balanced to exceed your expectations.

Eutaptics is the best tool to use to remove the resistance what is holding you back to achieve what you really want.

Many people are afraid of what success puts of the table. For that reason, they are unable to achieve what they want in life and work hard to reach their goals. However, working hard sometimes has nothing to do with the point of success and the mindset that needs to be built to reach it.

Overcoming the fear of success with Eutapics is much more easy then trying to do it just by using your conscious mind. When you  align your unconscious mind with your conscious mind things will work out naturally.  Then you will attract what you want in life.

The truth is, it takes more than just a few paragraphs to understand the meaning of success and turn on this mindset. That is why Robert G. Smith has developed Eutaptics, a training over which anyone can learn the path of success by clearing up any resistance to achieve what you want.

It’s all in your hands.


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5 Ways to Get Rid Of Your Negative Energy

Negative energy

Negativity is one of the most powerful forces around us that limits our potentials to become something great and live our lives to the fullest. In reality, our lives are purposeful as long as they are positive and the positivity we share has a tangible effect on our health, personality and relationships.

There is one great quote on negative energy we’d like to share:

“ What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create “

As you can see from the quote above, our power lies in our mind. In fact – it has been scientifically proven that negative people experience more stress, sickness and less opportunities in their life cycle. So why be negative – and how to start being positive?

These tips will help you get rid of your negative energy and cultivate a positive feeling in everything that you do:

1. Be Grateful

We deserve all that we have, and maybe more – but we have to prove it. However, if you are grateful for what life has served on your plate over the years – you will be able to be grateful for all the things life plans to surprise you with.

2. Laugh At Yourself

Those inside jokes your mind plays on you – remember? Well, it’s time to laugh at yourself in a positive way, laugh more and laugh every day. After all, we are not robots and being positive mean taking life less seriously.

3. Help Others

Negative people have no higher purpose in their lives, but positive ones accompanies purpose. The best way to create purpose and be positive is to begin doing things for others. Whether it’s a door you will open for the person in front of you or doing your friend a favor, being positive knows no limits.

4. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Do you know that you are alike to the people you surround yourself with? That means – if your friends are negative energy people and drama queens, you are likely one of them. That is why you should not surround yourself with negative people and start meeting positive people. Trust us, you’ll be a better person!

5. Change Your Mindset

You get to pick who you are: your best coach or your best enemy? If you change your thinking and start adding a positive spin on everything, you will learn that life is meant to be lived with you as your own coach guiding you along every obstacle, opportunity or challenge.

But how to change your mindset? We know it isn’t easy……

Use Eutaptics To Unleash Your Biggest Power – Your Unconscious Mind

Want to never experience the negativity that comes from your thoughts – ever again?

The secret lies in your unconscious mind. And it is not about how you approach your ideas, but which mind you unleash.

With Eutaptics, you will be able to structure your thoughts and bring in the best weapon in your thinking – your mind. Free of any past experiences, labels, negative thoughts or demotivation – your mind will be triggered by your unconscious power to change the world as you want it.

The result of this is nothing but positive thoughts and feelings. And once you achieve that state of mind, you will be able to achieve whatever you want – all through the power of one of the bestselling trainings nowadays, Eutaptics.

Its’s time to Feel Good Now!


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Why Feeling Good Right Now Is Important For You

Did you know that feeling good right now is important if you want to attract good things in your live?

Yes – according to the proven rule on ‘law of attraction’, we attract with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we feel negative, we get more of that in our lives. That is why feeling good and looking for good experiences matters. The question is how can we make it more easy to change our mindset and feel good?

Establishing Balanced Mindfulness

If you have ever heard of Eutaptics, you probably are aware of the mind’s great ability to transform. When it comes to the law of attraction and the ‘feel good’ moments, this is definitely applicable.

The logical and healthy belief system behind Eutaptics, a methodology  developed by Robert G. Smith is exactly that – to pursue a new meaning of life through your thoughts only. Establishing a balance in your mind can be achieved through the following tips.

Law Of Attraction: Feeling Good, Even If You Are Down

You can instantly feel better and start taking advantage of the Law of Attraction with one technique – conscious thinking.

In fact, the whole idea behind law of attraction is to attract people and experiences that match your predominant feelings and beliefs. Sometimes, they can be super obvious and sometimes you may think a bit. The bottom line, however, is to attract the experiences and people that align with your thoughts.

We know, you probably heard about the ‘feel good now even if you don’t’ moment, and you may not like it.

Seriously, there is something unfamiliar about this principle. For example, if you are feeling down because of some circumstances, it makes sense that your mind can’t feel better until things change. What Eutaptics is all about in cases like this is that the use of the Eutaptics technique will help you to change your negative past experiences – and not the ‘forget about it and feel good’ thoughts that many other courses are preaching.

Using this technique is the main key to make the law of attraction work for you and the way to feeling more happy and fulfilled and less stressed and down.

Use Eutaptics To Master The Law Of Attraction

Tapping into the law of attraction and creating a life you love is not simple. With the Eutaptics model, however, you can reap the benefits of the Law of Attraction and allow it to enter your life.

Thinking how is that ‘allowing’ even possible?

Well, the entire idea behind this Law lies into relaxing, feeling more joyful and appreciating what you have. Choosing positive thoughts over negative, ditching the fear or scarcity and raising your vibration is how the Law of Attraction will unfold and work for you. Eutaptics will help you change the things in your unconscious you can’t change by just positive thinking.

And ultimately, that is how Robert G. Smith transformed thousands of lives with his Eutaptics trainings – one you can take right now and establish balance in your life!


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The Belief System of Eutaptics

 Eutaptics Belief System is based on the principle of absolute truth, meaning that it is absolutely true regardless of individual beliefs. You don’t have to believe in anything new to agree with the concepts taught. It transcends economic, ethnic, religious, and gender boundaries and beliefs.

Growth is to go beyond the fear of the unknown, to go beyond rejection, and to accept and integrate truths into your life.

Eutaptics believes the cause of all problems starts at birth. 

From that moment on we get exposed to everything outside us, we begin to experience the world, and those experiences are recorded in our minds as memories. There are people in our world as a child that affect, impact us.

The reason why we have our certain problems is because of the environment that we come from, because of what we have learned. These experiences start to create a model of the world or as Robert Anton Wilson call it “A Reality Tunnel”. All of this recorded information gives us a point of view and a way to operate within the world.

It has the emotional patterns, the how-to, beliefs, which builds a perception of who we think we are and how to interact with others and the world. It is from this information that is stored within our minds that will trigger the body to respond to our perception.

Truly the cause of all problems is perception, how we perceive, feel, interpret and represent the world. It is how we see it and make it real within the body. Our perception comes from all the memories and experiences; if we change them we start seeing the world differently.

Eutaptics believes the body’s system works perfectly.

Instead of an energy blockage, it’s a physical reaction to what the mind holds and perceives consciously or unconsciously. When a memory pops in you start to feel: the brain sends the message through the message system (electrical impulses) to the organs and tell them how they should respond (feeling good or feeling stressed and worried).

If there was a blockage in your system, when you were angry, you wouldn’t have the ability to feel any other emotion in your chest. We move from one emotion to another and feel love in the same heart, using the same meridian. So this physical reaction in the body is a creation, not a blockage, it could be disruptive feelings, but it’s a creative disruption.

There is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken, and you are successfully producing something based on what you hold within your mind. The body’s reaction isn’t the cause of our problems, but rather it is the expression of what we hold within our mind. You are working perfectly to manifest the things in your life. When you change the programs in your mind, you’ll change your life. The body is just a servant to your mind, it follows wherever your thoughts go.

Eutaptics works within the structure of a system that always works.

We all have self-adaptive behaviors that keep us in alignment with what we have recorded within us based on our experiences. Some people may call this the saboteur within, the ego, energy spinning backwards or even psychological reversal, which means that energy in your body is reversed, it undoes the work (by smell of food for example you have problem again).

This assertion of reversed energy flow is not possible and not even in the theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Robert G. Smith speculates, “If your energy was to flow backwards, you would explode.”

In Eutaptics we understand that psychological reversal does not exist, because we know how to step in to the mind, change all the resources and then there can be no reversal! We’re looking at all the angles and we eliminate everything that they use to create the problem.

Eutaptics aims directly at trances, hypnotic states (the problem).

There is no guessing and no setup phase. We let the client’s unconscious mind do all the work. We aim directly at the trances, by putting them back into the memory to associate, then we use the tapping protocols to change them.

The most important part to create changes is to understand how and why they have problems, so we will use the A.R.T. of Change to get the strategy and one of the most important questions we can ask – that allows us to see how they successfully create the problem – is this key question, “How do you know you have a problem?”

We use different processes and protocols till it’s gone. We check and recheck to make sure it’s completely gone and they can’t make the problem bother them, even if they try.


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Eutaptics: A Great Tool For A Healthier Life

There are many tools nowadays for a healthier life present on the marketplace. Eutaptics created by Robert G. Smith is not only that, but one of the best tools to a better life. If you have experienced stress and still cannot get on the right track to success, it is a program meant for you. (also Read: The Belief System of Eutaptics)

But before we speak about its healthy life benefits, let’s explain what Eutaptics truly is…

Ok, So What Is Eutaptics?

Eutaptics is a module of techniques, methods and mindset tricks that will help you step out of your comfort zone, forget about stress, get to the root of your problems and start building success in any area of you life.

Basically, the concept of Eutaptics as an emotional focused transformation is that it lets you think with your actual conscious mind and focus on every goal, every metric and every creation of yours that will lead you to success.
Eutapics works with your unconscious mind and helps you to eliminate the structure of problems and the reasons why you can’t reach your goals.  When you use Eutaptics you can change past negative believes and memories and create a better future.

When we want something consciously our unconscious might say no because it wants to keep us safe based on past experiences. With Eutapics we can make our unconscious work for us. Instead of consciously working hard and trying to achieve our goals, it’s way smarter and easier to use the smarter and stronger part of us to get real changes.

This results in great mental health and eliminates stress from its core. Connecting your emotional and physical reactions, Eutapics let you be active and transform your negative perceptions into positive ones – where your mind and body are one and manifest as symptoms or emotions in the physical body.

Lead Your Way To A Healthier Life With Eutaptics

Ever since Robert G. Smith invented Eutaptics, he helped thousands of people on the most important mission we have – to live a healthy life through Eutaptics, a no nonsense Emotionally Focused Transformation method. Balancing the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP as well as the spiritual understanding and the mind’s ability to transform, the logical and healthy beliefs of this tool are guaranteed to produce profound results and create deep changes in less time than most other methods.

In other words, Eutaptics will help you deal with your feelings in a better way – and establish new assumptions easily, triggering your unconscious state of mind and helping you reach your goals. The training courses, either online or live,  are highly rewarding, valuable and ground-breaking.

The Best Thing About The Eutaptics Training

Undoubtedly, the best thing about the training is that it works with everyone’s goals, ways of seeing success and reaching for it. In fact, Eutaptics ranks as one of the most radical and life-changing tools ever made.

With Robert Smith being the pilot of your transformation, the teaching process maximizes on value and let you take control of you very own life.

Eutaptics will help you to create a new mindset – the exact one you needed to reach your goals. Now, you can eliminating the roots of your problems and clear your mind. Only that way, you will gain better understanding of your meaning to success and the path to it.

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