Tapping Into Success And Ditching All The Emotions That Make Us Feel Down

Not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life is a daunting thought that many people share. It is also something that doesn’t let you breath, captures your happiness and puts stress on your plate. Wondering why?

We can best explain it this way.

Every time you think about your career or what comes next in your life, you are kind of blocked by your thoughts. In other words, your mind is trapped from your active and conscious thoughts and feelings which are a lot related to your past experiences, thoughts and emotions. For example, you grew up in an environment where being successful was not supported and now you have always thought that you wouldn’t be rich and successful – and that is why you are thinking of that now.

Fortunately, that can change….

Ditch The Conscious Past Experiences And Emotions That Are Putting You Down With eutaptics® FasterEFT™

eutaptics® FasterEFT™ is a model that relates to the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Actually, it is an outgrowth of that model – and while they have a lot of things in common, eutaptics® FasterEFT™ mainly teaches you how to solve your problems based on how your mind works and how how your sub-conciousness creates the problem in the first place. structure your thoughts and trigger your sub-consciousness.

Why sub-consciousness?

Well, it is the unconscious mind of ours that needs to be most prepared when it comes to thoughts and actions that will make our life better. When it comes to career changes, this is very important.

Nowadays, despite all their efforts and experience, a large portion of the people do not really know if their jobs are actually ‘meant to be’ for them – or maybe their career luck is lying in another corner.

We can all blame our countries and economies for not fulfilling our potential enough – and that is the main source for our sadness. However, the root problem with this lies in something else, and there are many other reasons that set your dream career apart from what you currently do for a living.

The truth is, we can all love our personal life, family and friends – but hate our corporate career and find it as the most unsatisfying thing in our lives. But if we just mute these thoughts for a minute and see the challenges lying in front of us, we can definitely be able to sort out what we love doing – and what we don’t.

So, how to choose the career you are meant for?

Overcoming The Fear Of Success With eutaptics® FasterEFT™

The fear of success is what brings down many people against their dreams and success. Although it may seem strange at first, this has a lot to do with the example we shared above – the consciousness and past thoughts, events and actions that in a way, put a burden to this success feeling.

The foundation of success lies in our mind, while the foundation of fear of success lies in our thoughts. That is why eutaptics® FasterEFT™ teaches people to trigger their sub consciousness – and balance the conscious with the unconscious mind. In parallel, the thoughts get balanced as well – and get more positive than ever before.

It’s time to change (and balance) your mind…

A lot of people have changed their lives step-by-step with eutaptics® FasterEFT™. They have redefined their career purpose, built a lifestyle they want and most importantly – got the focus they needed to reach success as soon as possible. If you are still fearing success but are motivated to change your life through the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ techniques, click here and start taking action!

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I was in a Cult – Robert Gene Smith helps with eutaptics® to get my music and life back!


Before I tell you more about eutaptics® (FasterEFT™) let me first tell you how I “lost” myself and my music.

The Cult

In 1992, I joined a religious cult. It almost took my life. Their initial message was good but my life there became increasingly oppressive.  Playing the piano and being close to family and friends was not allowed. After eight years in the cult, I was so traumatized I slipped into a mental breakdown and had no desire to live. I was in deep pain and my soul was ravaged by anxiety and depression. I was afraid of life, of God, afraid of people, of being judged, even afraid of prosecution, imminent nuclear war, and going to hell.

After the Cult

It wasn’t easy when I got out. In the beginning, I felt I was a victim and blamed other people for doing this to me. Now I take full responsibility for my decisions. I now see I had not been respecting myself enough and I had let people dominate me. To take back my life I had to learn to take my power back and learn how to dominate my own life instead of letting other people tell me what to do. I am so thankful for this lesson and for learning how to create a good life.

eutaptics® and Years of Therapy

Years of therapy have helped me to get back on my feet, but very slow. What really made the difference was eutaptics®. I attended a eutaptics® seminar in Budapest and after that my life changed fast. eutaptics® has helped me to free my spirit, and once again learn to love and forgive. My wish is that everybody gets to know this wonderful technique.

I composed a song which I called “Budapest”, dedicated to this big turning point in my life.

With new strength, I renewed my faith in a loving and caring God. Today I am thankful for having a much better life, even if I still have issues to work on.

After I found eutaptics® my life Changed so much

About 20 years after I joined the cult I started playing the piano again and composing my own music. I bought my first instrument, a grand piano.

The music was still alive inside of me. It never died. It is all about changing focus and move into love, forgiveness, and feeling good.

In 2013 I made several stage talk shows and the Norwegian State TV channel NRK, made a 30 minutes documentary about my life in the cult and the way back.

In 2015 I joined Periscope, a live streaming service owned by Twitter. Today I got 9,000,000 “likes” and thousands of followers and viewers from all over the world, including Asia and Japan. The Norwegian State TV channel NRK made a report on the national news about my playing on Periscope. Nobody had done something like this in Norway before, with such a success.

In 2016 I released my first album, called “Still Playing”. I was and I am very proud to present an album with my own compositions.


I love “touching” people with my music

Daily I get e-mails or responses on social media from all over the world. People feel touched by my music. Men never crying start crying. They feel a release in their life. People who lost close family or friends get comfort. People feeling depressed and anxious gets motivation. Children that can’t sleep fall asleep. Dogs that are stressed get calm. People already feeling good feel even better.

Today I am so thankful for everything that happened in my life, even the darkest times.  It gives my piano songs a deeper meaning. I am so excited about the future. It is all about feeling good and doing things in life that make me happy!

My message:

Official eutaptics® website: www.skillstochange.com

Visit his website: www.JonHarald.com

Follow Jon on:

You can find his music on: iTunes
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3 Proven Techniques To Capture Creativity

Our creativity is something that is totally unique to our mindset. Also, it is something that links our emotions, actions, and conscious mindset, developing a message that is truly ours. However, not everyone is proud of being ‘insanely creative’. Whether you do or don’t consider yourself a creative person, today we are listing some techniques that will let you capture your creativity. But before that… What every one of us must understand is that we don’t need to ONLY spark our creative spirit. We need to capture it and apply it to our actions and plans in the future. Instead of looking for ways to get inspired, every person should know how to keep the creativity and use it later on. Meaning that – creativity is nothing when it is not applied. Today, we are showing the best ways to capture the creativity and make sure your ideas don’t have an escape plan.

1. Capture Creativity By Keeping A Notebook With You At All Times

One of the most successful techniques to trigger creativity everywhere you are is simple – bring a notebook with you (even in the shower!). What does this mean? This means NO to your smartphone and your Note application. Because let’s face it – scribbling things on paper is a more reasonable way to get them right the first time – and not miss any thought. Successful people have an overflow of ideas. They train their brain to be creative and think at all times. Therefore, having a piece of paper and a pen next to you at all times is absolutely crucial. Yes, you may think that bringing a notebook at work and at home on your desk is a big idea here. But actually, there are tons of other activities that we do cognitively – and require our notebooks more. Having a notebook with you in the car, in the gym, whilst running, next to your shower, and while grocery shopping can collide your ideas and make them better. Moreover, it will help you remember every bit of information creativity attaches to your brain.

2. Capture Creativity With The Inside-Out Technique

There is a technique that involves your subconscious side of the brain more – and helps you do things more effectively. We like to call it The Inside-Out Technique, and it boils down to an example we’ll share. Situation A: Imagine yourself as a writer. Each day when you arrive at the office you start researching and writing. After that, you reply to emails, contact people and publish work. But what if all this can be done the other way around? Situation B (The Inside-Out): For example, you come to the office, start the research on topics, and figure them out. But only after that, you start replying to emails, contacting people, and publishing the work from the previous day. Towards the end of the day, you get the second half of the writing task done. While this may mean nothing to you, it means a lot to effective people. The trick lies in the sub-consciousness – and the side of our brain that passively works scans information, and analyzes it while we do tasks that do not require our full focus and attention. And yes, it’s proven to work!
3. Capture Creativity By Doing Things With Your Hands
Last but not least – is the task where you stimulate creativity in your brain by doing things with your hands. It is scientifically proven that using your hands creatively helps in reducing the stress and anxiety that everyday life brings. When you are doing things like for example, working in your vegetable garden, painting, drawing, cooking, it will help you express yourself and bring your creativity to the first person. This is where the magic happens, new ideas pop-up, you suddenly find your solution for an issue you are dealing with or you just get motivated again. Don’t forget to write your ideas down as you can forget as fast as it pops up.

A Final Word

In the end, remember – creativity is often blocked because of our conscious thoughts – which are rooted inside our brain and connected to our memories and past experiences. With these techniques, you are activating your sub-consciousness and creating a balance of both conscious and unconscious mind – to be mindful and bursting with creativity. The eutaptics® concept proudly promotes these techniques and helps you to get in the ideal state, the present moment where creativity can flow. If you are interested in learning more about it. In the end, creativity happens everywhere around our brain – and everywhere around us. We can all trigger it – but the real deal lies in let it flow, closing and capturing it. eutaptics® and the 3 techniques mentioned above, capturing your creativity will definitely become an easier task in the future.
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