Why Anybody Can Be Successful – Including 2 Important Points

Successful tapping with eutaptics®
A while ago, people used to believe that becoming successful is only for people who are either lucky or have royal blood. However, genes don’t play a big role when it comes to being successful – and the 21st century proves that right. In fact, science proved that anybody can be successful – including you. And the truth behind it lies in your beliefs. Yes, being successful has all to do with what you believe, and how do you do it.
  1. Yes, We Mean Anyone…
Jimmy Carter, a famous American author sums up the meaning of success is a great quote: “I believe that anyone can be successful in life, regardless of natural talent or the environment within which we live. This is not based on measuring success by human competitiveness for wealth, possessions, influence, and fame, but adhering to God’s standards of truth, justice, humility, service, compassion, forgiveness, and love.” In reality, it is all about beliefs, attitude, and determination more than genetics, intelligence, background, or ideas. Becoming successful is definitely not a walk in the park – it takes time and effort. However, once you follow a course of certain guidelines, thoughts, and actions accompanied with the dedication to become something – you will likely become successful. The thing with success is that everyone has their own definition of it. For someone, it means doing what they love most and for others, it means piles of cash. Therefore, becoming the richest person in the world versus helping the most people can be different outcomes for people. The truth here is that as long as you strive to stick to your passion and be the best in whatever you want to be you can reach your goals, you are already halfway to success.
  1. Tap Into Success With The eutaptics® Strategy
If you have never heard of Eutaptics, you have missed a chance to enter the mindset that lets you find and resolve specific events so that they no longer stand in your way. However, Eutaptics is more than that. Developed by Robert Gene Smith, this strategy makes you remove all burdens from your system and continue to clear disruptions. Moreover, it helps you build the right action plan to succeed and focus on yourself and nothing else – experiencing a level of peace and happiness that are balanced to exceed your expectations. eutaptics® is the best tool to use to remove the resistance that is holding you back to achieve what you really want. Many people are afraid of what success puts of the table. For that reason, they are unable to achieve what they want in life and work hard to reach their goals. However, working hard sometimes has nothing to do with the point of success and the mindset that needs to be built to reach it. Overcoming the fear of success with eutaptics® is much easier than trying to do it just by using your conscious mind. When you align your unconscious mind with your conscious mind things will work out naturally.  Then you will attract what you want in life. The truth is, it takes more than just a few paragraphs to understand the meaning of success and turn on this mindset. That is why Robert Gene Smith has developed eutaptics®, a training over which anyone can learn the path of success by clearing up any resistance to achieve what you want.

It’s all in your hands.

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Choosing The Right Career For You In 3 Simple Steps

No matter if you are 15 or 50, to choose your dream means to get over many things and see what you really want to do with your life. It also means taking responsibility to the maximum – which is a difficult process to overcome. However, it is a thing that will raise your hopes and help you choose the right career for you.

Step 1: Think Where You See Yourself In Five Years

Think about your ordinary Monday in five years. Do you envision yourself as a team worker, leading your team to success? Or as an individual who thrives and sees the meaning of success as a backbone of your own effort? Think about yourself in five years – what you are wearing, what your corporate workspace looks like, what industry you are dreaming to work in. With these things in mind, pursuing a career is definitely easier. If anything was possible what would you do?

Although it may be pretty hard to answer this question and visualize yourself in five years, the impulse about creating and visualizing your dream job can be the one leading you to the changes you need to do. Practice it every day and it will become easier.

After all, the thing we feel like we want to do best is the thing we should pursue – and we won’t end up there if we don’t daydream it as much times as possible.

Step 2: Write A Manifest – As A Plan To Guide On

‘Why write it down?’ – you are asking yourself.

The answer is simple. Successful and inspired people write their plans and dreams on paper starting with the outcome. It creates a certain stimulus of taking action upon it – and in this case it may result in yourself choosing the career you have always wanted to be in.

If you give yourself a real call to action and decide how you want to do things, you have walked the first few miles. Picking some topics and setting down your principles comes next, as the part in which you decide how do you want your workday to be, where you would like to work and what are the actions you are going to undertake to see it happen.

Step 3: Most Importantly, Activate Your Unconscious Mind

This step is the most radical one you need to make. Once you know your dream career, your passion in life,  fears and limiting believes can show up or most likely will show up.

eutaptics® FasterEFT™, a very powerful technique, teaches you how to overcome your fears from success – even if you started ‘tapping’ into the success zone. The truth is, many entrepreneurs have this fear even when they are successful. If you don’t want to be one of them and block your way to success, you should start taking action now.

What you don’t know is that your mind is trapped by your conscious thoughts. All the negative emotions, burdens and beliefs are structured in your unconsciousness. It doesn’t feel or think – it just delivers upon request. So, if you think about your dream and being successful, in the same time, you will see how unsafe being successful is based upon your proofs, feelings and past references. Being stuck and not taking action is also a part of the process – it keeps you “safe”, so the best thing is to change all your negative past feelings, beliefs and memories to positive ones. That way, you will be suddenly able to reach your goals and be successful

Never underestimate yourself.  You have a very powerful weapon – your mind, which you can use to reach success. Also, there lies the secret to success in any area. If you make friends with your subconscious mind, it will tell you how to do what you want and live the life you are meant for. But, how to tap into that success zone?

Start Benefiting From Eutaptics – And Level-Up Your Thinking

You are your own instrument for creativity. Choosing your dream career is a move you need to make. If you are trapped by the negative thoughts that bring you down, stop.

The truth is, your mind should be free of any negativity and ready to pursue success. And it will only be in that state once you clear all the proofs and references stored in your subconscious that keep you away from achieving what you want.

Through eutaptics® FasterEFT™, you will learn how to make use of your unconcious mind which is known to ‘drive the bus’ and set your thoughts and emotions on auto pilot towards the direction you choose to go.

Interested in changing your life and choosing the right career path?


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eutaptics®: A Great Tool For A Healthier Life

There are many tools nowadays for a healthier life present on the marketplace.  eutaptics® created by Robert G. Smith is not only that but one of the best tools to a better life. If you have experienced stress and still cannot get on the right track to success, it is a program meant for you. (Also Read: The Belief System of eutaptics®)

But before we speak about its healthy life benefits, let’s explain what eutaptics® truly is…

Ok, So What Is eutaptics®?

eutaptics® is a module of techniques, methods, and mindset tricks that will help you step out of your comfort zone, forget about stress, get to the root of your problems and start building success in any area of your life.

Basically, the concept of eutaptics® as an emotional focused transformation is that it lets you think with your actual conscious mind and focus on every goal, every metric, and every creation of yours that will lead you to success.

eutaptics® works with your unconscious mind and helps you to eliminate the structure of problems and the reasons why you can’t reach your goals.  When you use eutaptics® you can change past negative believes and memories and create a better future.

When we want something consciously our unconscious might say no because it wants to keep us safe based on past experiences. With eutaptics® we can make our unconscious work for us. Instead of consciously working hard and trying to achieve our goals, it’s way smarter and easier to use the smarter and stronger part of us to get real changes.

This results in great mental health and eliminates stress from its core. Connecting your emotional and physical reactions, eutaptics® let you be active and transform your negative perceptions into positive ones – where your mind and body are one and manifest as symptoms or emotions in the physical body.

Lead Your Way To A Healthier Life With Eutaptics

Ever since Robert Gene Smith invented eutaptics®, he helped thousands of people on the most important mission we have – to live a healthy life through eutaptics®, a no-nonsense Emotionally Focused Transformation method. Balancing the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, Neuroscience as well as the spiritual understanding and the mind’s ability to transform, the logical and healthy beliefs of this tool are guaranteed to produce profound results and create deep changes in less time than most other methods.

In other words, eutaptics® will help you deal with your feelings in a better way – and establish new assumptions easily, triggering your unconscious state of mind and helping you reach your goals. The training courses, either online or live,  are highly rewarding, valuable, and ground-breaking.

The Best Thing About The eutaptics® Training

Undoubtedly, the best thing about the training is that it works with everyone’s goals, ways of seeing success and reaching for it. In fact, eutaptics® ranks as one of the most radical and life-changing tools ever made.

With Robert Gene being the pilot of your transformation, the teaching process maximizes on value and lets you take control of your very own life.

eutaptics® will help you to create a new mindset – the exact one you needed to reach your goals. Now, you can eliminate the roots of your problems and clear your mind. Only that way, you will gain a better understanding of your meaning to success and the path to it.

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3 Proven Techniques To Capture Creativity

Our creativity is something that is totally unique to our mindset. Also, it is something that links our emotions, actions, and conscious mindset, developing a message that is truly ours. However, not everyone is proud of being ‘insanely creative’. Whether you do or don’t consider yourself a creative person, today we are listing some techniques that will let you capture your creativity. But before that… What every one of us must understand is that we don’t need to ONLY spark our creative spirit. We need to capture it and apply it to our actions and plans in the future. Instead of looking for ways to get inspired, every person should know how to keep the creativity and use it later on. Meaning that – creativity is nothing when it is not applied. Today, we are showing the best ways to capture the creativity and make sure your ideas don’t have an escape plan.

1. Capture Creativity By Keeping A Notebook With You At All Times

One of the most successful techniques to trigger creativity everywhere you are is simple – bring a notebook with you (even in the shower!). What does this mean? This means NO to your smartphone and your Note application. Because let’s face it – scribbling things on paper is a more reasonable way to get them right the first time – and not miss any thought. Successful people have an overflow of ideas. They train their brain to be creative and think at all times. Therefore, having a piece of paper and a pen next to you at all times is absolutely crucial. Yes, you may think that bringing a notebook at work and at home on your desk is a big idea here. But actually, there are tons of other activities that we do cognitively – and require our notebooks more. Having a notebook with you in the car, in the gym, whilst running, next to your shower, and while grocery shopping can collide your ideas and make them better. Moreover, it will help you remember every bit of information creativity attaches to your brain.

2. Capture Creativity With The Inside-Out Technique

There is a technique that involves your subconscious side of the brain more – and helps you do things more effectively. We like to call it The Inside-Out Technique, and it boils down to an example we’ll share. Situation A: Imagine yourself as a writer. Each day when you arrive at the office you start researching and writing. After that, you reply to emails, contact people and publish work. But what if all this can be done the other way around? Situation B (The Inside-Out): For example, you come to the office, start the research on topics, and figure them out. But only after that, you start replying to emails, contacting people, and publishing the work from the previous day. Towards the end of the day, you get the second half of the writing task done. While this may mean nothing to you, it means a lot to effective people. The trick lies in the sub-consciousness – and the side of our brain that passively works scans information, and analyzes it while we do tasks that do not require our full focus and attention. And yes, it’s proven to work!
3. Capture Creativity By Doing Things With Your Hands
Last but not least – is the task where you stimulate creativity in your brain by doing things with your hands. It is scientifically proven that using your hands creatively helps in reducing the stress and anxiety that everyday life brings. When you are doing things like for example, working in your vegetable garden, painting, drawing, cooking, it will help you express yourself and bring your creativity to the first person. This is where the magic happens, new ideas pop-up, you suddenly find your solution for an issue you are dealing with or you just get motivated again. Don’t forget to write your ideas down as you can forget as fast as it pops up.

A Final Word

In the end, remember – creativity is often blocked because of our conscious thoughts – which are rooted inside our brain and connected to our memories and past experiences. With these techniques, you are activating your sub-consciousness and creating a balance of both conscious and unconscious mind – to be mindful and bursting with creativity. The eutaptics® concept proudly promotes these techniques and helps you to get in the ideal state, the present moment where creativity can flow. If you are interested in learning more about it. In the end, creativity happens everywhere around our brain – and everywhere around us. We can all trigger it – but the real deal lies in let it flow, closing and capturing it. eutaptics® and the 3 techniques mentioned above, capturing your creativity will definitely become an easier task in the future.
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Why Being Successful Is Difficult: How To Reach My Goals?

We’ve all been there – reading success stories from successful people and thinking we couldn’t get a place on that list. Have you done the same – and are you wondering why?

The first answer is – because you are buried deep down in your comfort zone, and we don’t even want to move or get away from it.

1. The Conscious And Unconscious Minds – And How Do They Work Together (Or Not)

The logical answer is that comfort zones are “built” inside each one of us, deriving from our unconscious mind that runs for aprox. 97% of our lives. In case you didn’t know, this mind is projected to make us think about all our experiences and not about our future ideas. Or we think about all our future ideas, but then all the reasons will pop in why you will never get there.

For example, if you have been poor all of your life – the expectation to continue being poor is normal and driven from your unconscious mind.

However, to reach your goals on any aspect of life, it’s the unconscious mind you should focus on improving. And although there are a lot of therapies that work with the conscious mind, the unconscious side still remains in charge– and focusing on it will help you reach your goals and be successful. This conscious vs. unconscious patterns can be best examined in the next part below.

Instead of being jealous and criticizing the fit people because they ‘work out too much’, the successful people because they ‘work too much’ or the goal-achieving ones because they ‘risk a lot’, you should understand that success happens once you get outside of your comfort zone. Simply put, that is how success works.

2. Reaching Your Goals Vs. Being Successful – The Eutaptics Formula

What you should put your conscious mind to is the state of ‘goal reaching’. In other words, instead of dreaming, you should start setting goals and actually start doing things. So, what to do to reach your goals.

  1. List What You Want To Achieve
  2. List Your Feelings And Beliefs – Why You Think You Can And Why You Think You Can’t Achieve what you Want
  3. Get your hands on the Eutaptics methodology and learn how to transform your life and how to change all the reasons why you think you can’t achieve what you want.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Eutaptics is one of the best tools for transforming your life. Developed by Robert G. Smith, it is the one-and-only formula that lets you change your negative experiences or unhealthy beliefs to positive thinking and actual goal setting (and reaching).

3. Summary

From feeling good to actual doing instead of dreaming, becoming successful is a greater reality once you get into the rhythm of the Eutaptics formula. If you want to establish a mindset that supports your goals, be more agile and conscious, you have to shift your lifestyle and take action instead of dream about it.

Create your own home for change and transformation – and transform your vision into action!


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