The Belief System of Eutaptics

eutaptics® FasterEFT™  Belief System is based on the principle of absolute truth, meaning that it is absolutely true regardless of individual beliefs. You don’t have to believe in anything new to agree with the concepts taught. It transcends economic, ethnic, religious, and gender boundaries and beliefs. Growth is to go beyond the fear of the unknown, to go beyond rejection, and to accept and integrate truths into your life.
eutaptics® FasterEFT™ believes the cause of all problems starts at birth. 
From that moment on we get exposed to everything outside us, we begin to experience the world, and those experiences are recorded in our minds as memories. There are people in our world as a child that affect, impact us. The reason why we have certain problems is because of the environment that we come from, because of what we have learned. These experiences start to create a model of the world or as Robert Anton Wilson calls it “A Reality Tunnel”. All of this recorded information gives us a point of view and a way to operate within the world. It has the emotional patterns, the how-to, beliefs, which builds a perception of who we think we are and how to interact with others and the world. It is this information that is stored within our minds that will trigger the body to respond to our perception. Truly the cause of all problems is perception, how we perceive, feel, interpret and represent the world. It is how we see it and make it real within the body. Our perception comes from all the memories and experiences; if we change them we start seeing the world differently.
eutaptics® FasterEFT™ believes the body’s system works perfectly.
Instead of an energy blockage, it’s a physical reaction to what the mind holds and perceives consciously or unconsciously. When a memory pops in you start to feel: the brain sends the message through the message system (electrical impulses) to the organs and tells them how they should respond (feeling good or feeling stressed and worried). If there was a blockage in your system, when you were angry, you wouldn’t have the ability to feel any other emotion in your chest. We move from one emotion to another and feel the love in the same heart, using the same meridian. So this physical reaction in the body is a creation, not a blockage, it could be disruptive feelings, but it’s creative disruption. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken, and you are successfully producing something based on what you hold within your mind. The body’s reaction isn’t the cause of our problems, but rather it is the expression of what we hold within our mind. You are working perfectly to manifest the things in your life. When you change the programs in your mind, you’ll change your life. The body is just a servant to your mind, it follows wherever your thoughts go.
Eutaptics works within the structure of a system that always works.
We all have self-adaptive behaviors that keep us in alignment with what we have recorded within us based on our experiences. Some people may call this the saboteur within, the ego, energy spinning backward, or even psychological reversal, which means that energy in your body is reversed, it undoes the work (by the smell of food for example you have the problem again). This assertion of reversed energy flow is not possible and not even in the theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Robert G. Smith speculates, “If your energy was to flow backward, you would explode.” In eutaptics® FasterEFT™ we understand that psychological reversal does not exist because we know how to step into the mind, change all the resources, and then there can be no reversal! We’re looking at all the angles and we eliminate everything that they use to create the problem.
eutaptics® FasterEFT™ aims directly at trances, hypnotic states (the problem).
There is no guessing and no setup phase. We let the client’s unconscious mind do all the work. We aim directly at the trances, by putting them back into the memory to associate, then we use the tapping protocols to change them. The most important part to create changes is to understand how and why they have problems, so we will use the A.R.T. of Change to get the strategy and one of the most important questions we can ask – that allows us to see how they successfully create the problem – is this key question, “How do you know you have a problem?” We use different processes and protocols till it’s gone. We check and recheck to make sure it’s completely gone and they can’t make the problem bother them, even if they try.
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