eutaptics® FasterEFT Training can help with feeling overwhelmed

Do you know that feeling when you have too much on your plate that you can’t decide what to start with? Or that feeling you have whenever you have too many at hand, you don’t know what to do anymore and you keep yourself stuck.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed may seem usual or normal but it is not as simple as it sounds. It can have a variety of adverse effects on a person’s mind, body, and lifestyle. Generally, stress causes overwhelm. Stress has a wide range effect on a person that it can show not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It can shut down the prefrontal cortex of the brain which is responsible for cognitive thinking, thus making the person impossible of thinking clear. So no matter how hard you try to cope with the feeling of overwhelm, if you are stressed, you will not be able to organize and deal with the situation properly. It is very helpful to try hard to stay calm first to be able to think clearly because the more stress you feel, the stronger the feeling of overwhelm becomes.

How to deal with overwhelm?

To deal with overwhelm, it is very helpful to change the subject of your stress to be able to have a different emotional state. Let us put you in a common situation where people usually feel overwhelmed. You are overwhelmed by the amount of work you have and every time you think of it, you feel more anxious and lost on where to start. You start to organize things but you noticed that you are just moving things around and not getting things done. This happens every day that you start to dread going to work and slowly gets ill. In situations like this, what would you do? To not be swallowed by these feelings, you can start changing the subject of your subconscious using the Eutaptics technique.

The eutaptics® FasterEFT Techniques

The eutaptics® FasterEFT technique works directly with the subconscious to change the records and data it keeps. One does not need to recall or master these records in his head. You just need to know these key questions:
  1. How do I know I’m overwhelmed?
Answering this question will help you get to the root of the feeling. It is important to know how much it drags you on situations where you feel helpless.
  1. What happens inside me when I experience this?
This question identifies the hints and bodily changes you can experience whenever you feel overwhelmed. The things you experience can help you make necessary adjustments before you flip out.
  1. When have I experienced this before?
Remembering if similar things may have triggered the feeling of overwhelm before can cure the root of this stressful situation. You will be able to foresee and prepare yourself whenever you know that you may have the feeling of overwhelm in a situation. In going through these questions, you are using the eutaptics® FasterEFT process to address memories. Going through these details, you are clearing your emotions and flipping the memories in your brain. After this, you can go back to the present situation and notice that the feeling of overwhelming seems lower. You can repeat the Eutaptics process until you can no longer find the feeling of overwhelming. Using Eutaptics to change the data stored in your subconscious will cause your brain to calm down and reach a balanced state. By changing the previous memories, you also change your future reactions to situations since you can now anticipate when to get overwhelmed.
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