f Are you wondering where does stress come from? Does it ‘land’ in the brain – or in the body?

We all know that stress is a normal part of everyday life. However, the answer about its origins is not that common among people. The truth is, there can be a lot of factors that contribute to feeling stressed – such as the job, family, finances, children etc. But when it comes to actual sources of stress, there is another story to tell.

1. So, where does stress come from?

According to a lot of research and studies, stress is the natural response coming from our body – pointed to the demands that we place upon it. Whether they are mental, physical or emotional, these demands trigger our natural chemicals and hormones. Cortisol and neuropeptides are the perfect examples of these hormones.

The more important part with anxiety are the stressful thinking and feelings. Our internal worries, fears and anxieties can be conjured through stress – and that is the point that creates the ‘sickness’ inside our body and brain.

Over the long haul, stress may transform to a state of chronic stress which causes diseases, mainly because of the changes in the body. This condition may also be linked to the unhealthy habits such as smoking, overeating etc. So the bottom line is that stress is more dangerous than we think, and definitely makes us sick in a strange way.

2. Why is stress bad for you – and how does it make you sick?

Although it’s a normal part of life, it is definitely a bad state and contributes to our mind and body negatively, especially in the long run. Not only the brain is in pain when you are stressed, your stomach also churns and burns, your back may attack and you are in the sensitive eating state where you pack on the pounds.

Therefore, stress is definitely the most dangerous toxin in your body and the one that puts your health at high risk. Although your body’s reaction was meant to keep you safe, it turns out to ‘fight’ against this sickness and is constantly on alert. From that, your general health and well-being pays the price.

3. How to make stress go away – and relieve from the sickness?

The best way to let stress go is to deal with it. That means get rid of all pressures and demands coming from your body and limit the negative effects of stress. Things like heart attacks, breathing problems and gastrointestinal problems can be limited once you decide to get more exercise, use positive self-talk and get more rest and restful sleep.

On top of that, you can deal with stress by eating a healthier diet, knowing your work limits, asking for professional help or carving out time for more fun. Pleasing, fun and calming activities work wonders when it comes to stress, and are able to de-clutter you from the root of your stress – whether it’s your workspace or home.


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