Why Being Successful Is Difficult: How To Reach My Goals?

We’ve all been there – reading success stories from successful people and thinking we couldn’t get a place on that list. Have you done the same – and are you wondering why?

The first answer is – because you are buried deep down in your comfort zone, and we don’t even want to move or get away from it.

1. The Conscious And Unconscious Minds – And How Do They Work Together (Or Not)

The logical answer is that comfort zones are “built” inside each one of us, deriving from our unconscious mind that runs for aprox. 97% of our lives. In case you didn’t know, this mind is projected to make us think about all our experiences and not about our future ideas. Or we think about all our future ideas, but then all the reasons will pop in why you will never get there.

For example, if you have been poor all of your life – the expectation to continue being poor is normal and driven from your unconscious mind.

However, to reach your goals on any aspect of life, it’s the unconscious mind you should focus on improving. And although there are a lot of therapies that work with the conscious mind, the unconscious side still remains in charge– and focusing on it will help you reach your goals and be successful. This conscious vs. unconscious patterns can be best examined in the next part below.

Instead of being jealous and criticizing the fit people because they ‘work out too much’, the successful people because they ‘work too much’ or the goal-achieving ones because they ‘risk a lot’, you should understand that success happens once you get outside of your comfort zone. Simply put, that is how success works.

2. Reaching Your Goals Vs. Being Successful – The Eutaptics Formula

What you should put your conscious mind to is the state of ‘goal reaching’. In other words, instead of dreaming, you should start setting goals and actually start doing things. So, what to do to reach your goals.

  1. List What You Want To Achieve
  2. List Your Feelings And Beliefs – Why You Think You Can And Why You Think You Can’t Achieve what you Want
  3. Get your hands on the Eutaptics methodology and learn how to transform your life and how to change all the reasons why you think you can’t achieve what you want.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Eutaptics is one of the best tools for transforming your life. Developed by Robert G. Smith, it is the one-and-only formula that lets you change your negative experiences or unhealthy beliefs to positive thinking and actual goal setting (and reaching).

3. Summary

From feeling good to actual doing instead of dreaming, becoming successful is a greater reality once you get into the rhythm of the Eutaptics formula. If you want to establish a mindset that supports your goals, be more agile and conscious, you have to shift your lifestyle and take action instead of dream about it.

Create your own home for change and transformation – and transform your vision into action!


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