Why Feeling Good Right Now Is Important For You

Did you know that feeling good right now is important if you want to attract good things in your live?

Yes – according to the proven rule on ‘law of attraction’, we attract with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we feel negative, we get more of that in our lives. That is why feeling good and looking for good experiences matters. The question is how can we make it more easy to change our mindset and feel good?

Establishing Balanced Directed Mindfulness

If you have ever heard of eutaptics® FasterEFT™, you probably are aware of the mind’s great ability to transform. When it comes to the law of attraction and the ‘feel good’ moments, this is definitely applicable.

The logical and healthy belief system behind eutaptics® FasterEFT™, a methodology  developed by Robert Gene Smith is exactly that – to pursue a new meaning of life through your thoughts only. Establishing a balance in your mind can be achieved through the following tips.

Law Of Attraction: Feeling Good, Even If You Are Down

You can instantly feel better and start taking advantage of the Law of Attraction with one technique – conscious thinking.

In fact, the whole idea behind law of attraction is to attract people and experiences that match your predominant feelings and beliefs. Sometimes, they can be super obvious and sometimes you may think a bit. The bottom line, however, is to attract the experiences and people that align with your thoughts.

We know, you probably heard about the ‘feel good now even if you don’t’ moment, and you may not like it.

Seriously, there is something unfamiliar about this principle. For example, if you are feeling down because of some circumstances, it makes sense that your mind can’t feel better until things change. What Eutaptics is all about in cases like this is that the use of the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ technique will help you to change your negative past experiences – and not the ‘forget about it and feel good’ thoughts that many other courses are preaching.

Using this technique is the main key to make the law of attraction work for you and the way to feeling more happy and fulfilled and less stressed and down.

Use Eutaptics® To Master The Law Of Attraction

Tapping into the law of attraction and creating a life you love is not simple. With the Eutaptics model, however, you can reap the benefits of the Law of Attraction and allow it to enter your life.

Thinking how is that ‘allowing’ even possible?

Well, the entire idea behind this Law lies into relaxing, feeling more joyful and appreciating what you have. Choosing positive thoughts over negative, ditching the fear or scarcity and raising your vibration is how the Law of Attraction will unfold and work for you. eutaptics® FasterEFT™ will help you change the things in your unconscious you can’t change by just positive thinking.

And ultimately, that is how Robert Gene Smith transformed thousands of lives with his eutaptics® FasterEFT™ trainings – one you can take right now and establish balance in your life!


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The Belief System of Eutaptics

eutaptics® FasterEFT™  Belief System is based on the principle of absolute truth, meaning that it is absolutely true regardless of individual beliefs. You don’t have to believe in anything new to agree with the concepts taught. It transcends economic, ethnic, religious, and gender boundaries and beliefs. Growth is to go beyond the fear of the unknown, to go beyond rejection, and to accept and integrate truths into your life.
eutaptics® FasterEFT™ believes the cause of all problems starts at birth. 
From that moment on we get exposed to everything outside us, we begin to experience the world, and those experiences are recorded in our minds as memories. There are people in our world as a child that affect, impact us. The reason why we have certain problems is because of the environment that we come from, because of what we have learned. These experiences start to create a model of the world or as Robert Anton Wilson calls it “A Reality Tunnel”. All of this recorded information gives us a point of view and a way to operate within the world. It has the emotional patterns, the how-to, beliefs, which builds a perception of who we think we are and how to interact with others and the world. It is this information that is stored within our minds that will trigger the body to respond to our perception. Truly the cause of all problems is perception, how we perceive, feel, interpret and represent the world. It is how we see it and make it real within the body. Our perception comes from all the memories and experiences; if we change them we start seeing the world differently.
eutaptics® FasterEFT™ believes the body’s system works perfectly.
Instead of an energy blockage, it’s a physical reaction to what the mind holds and perceives consciously or unconsciously. When a memory pops in you start to feel: the brain sends the message through the message system (electrical impulses) to the organs and tells them how they should respond (feeling good or feeling stressed and worried). If there was a blockage in your system, when you were angry, you wouldn’t have the ability to feel any other emotion in your chest. We move from one emotion to another and feel the love in the same heart, using the same meridian. So this physical reaction in the body is a creation, not a blockage, it could be disruptive feelings, but it’s creative disruption. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken, and you are successfully producing something based on what you hold within your mind. The body’s reaction isn’t the cause of our problems, but rather it is the expression of what we hold within our mind. You are working perfectly to manifest the things in your life. When you change the programs in your mind, you’ll change your life. The body is just a servant to your mind, it follows wherever your thoughts go.
Eutaptics works within the structure of a system that always works.
We all have self-adaptive behaviors that keep us in alignment with what we have recorded within us based on our experiences. Some people may call this the saboteur within, the ego, energy spinning backward, or even psychological reversal, which means that energy in your body is reversed, it undoes the work (by the smell of food for example you have the problem again). This assertion of reversed energy flow is not possible and not even in the theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Robert G. Smith speculates, “If your energy was to flow backward, you would explode.” In eutaptics® FasterEFT™ we understand that psychological reversal does not exist because we know how to step into the mind, change all the resources, and then there can be no reversal! We’re looking at all the angles and we eliminate everything that they use to create the problem.
eutaptics® FasterEFT™ aims directly at trances, hypnotic states (the problem).
There is no guessing and no setup phase. We let the client’s unconscious mind do all the work. We aim directly at the trances, by putting them back into the memory to associate, then we use the tapping protocols to change them. The most important part to create changes is to understand how and why they have problems, so we will use the A.R.T. of Change to get the strategy and one of the most important questions we can ask – that allows us to see how they successfully create the problem – is this key question, “How do you know you have a problem?” We use different processes and protocols till it’s gone. We check and recheck to make sure it’s completely gone and they can’t make the problem bother them, even if they try.
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3 Proven Techniques To Capture Creativity

Our creativity is something that is totally unique to our mindset. Also, it is something that links our emotions, actions, and conscious mindset, developing a message that is truly ours. However, not everyone is proud of being ‘insanely creative’. Whether you do or don’t consider yourself a creative person, today we are listing some techniques that will let you capture your creativity. But before that… What every one of us must understand is that we don’t need to ONLY spark our creative spirit. We need to capture it and apply it to our actions and plans in the future. Instead of looking for ways to get inspired, every person should know how to keep the creativity and use it later on. Meaning that – creativity is nothing when it is not applied. Today, we are showing the best ways to capture the creativity and make sure your ideas don’t have an escape plan.

1. Capture Creativity By Keeping A Notebook With You At All Times

One of the most successful techniques to trigger creativity everywhere you are is simple – bring a notebook with you (even in the shower!). What does this mean? This means NO to your smartphone and your Note application. Because let’s face it – scribbling things on paper is a more reasonable way to get them right the first time – and not miss any thought. Successful people have an overflow of ideas. They train their brain to be creative and think at all times. Therefore, having a piece of paper and a pen next to you at all times is absolutely crucial. Yes, you may think that bringing a notebook at work and at home on your desk is a big idea here. But actually, there are tons of other activities that we do cognitively – and require our notebooks more. Having a notebook with you in the car, in the gym, whilst running, next to your shower, and while grocery shopping can collide your ideas and make them better. Moreover, it will help you remember every bit of information creativity attaches to your brain.

2. Capture Creativity With The Inside-Out Technique

There is a technique that involves your subconscious side of the brain more – and helps you do things more effectively. We like to call it The Inside-Out Technique, and it boils down to an example we’ll share. Situation A: Imagine yourself as a writer. Each day when you arrive at the office you start researching and writing. After that, you reply to emails, contact people and publish work. But what if all this can be done the other way around? Situation B (The Inside-Out): For example, you come to the office, start the research on topics, and figure them out. But only after that, you start replying to emails, contacting people, and publishing the work from the previous day. Towards the end of the day, you get the second half of the writing task done. While this may mean nothing to you, it means a lot to effective people. The trick lies in the sub-consciousness – and the side of our brain that passively works scans information, and analyzes it while we do tasks that do not require our full focus and attention. And yes, it’s proven to work!
3. Capture Creativity By Doing Things With Your Hands
Last but not least – is the task where you stimulate creativity in your brain by doing things with your hands. It is scientifically proven that using your hands creatively helps in reducing the stress and anxiety that everyday life brings. When you are doing things like for example, working in your vegetable garden, painting, drawing, cooking, it will help you express yourself and bring your creativity to the first person. This is where the magic happens, new ideas pop-up, you suddenly find your solution for an issue you are dealing with or you just get motivated again. Don’t forget to write your ideas down as you can forget as fast as it pops up.

A Final Word

In the end, remember – creativity is often blocked because of our conscious thoughts – which are rooted inside our brain and connected to our memories and past experiences. With these techniques, you are activating your sub-consciousness and creating a balance of both conscious and unconscious mind – to be mindful and bursting with creativity. The eutaptics® concept proudly promotes these techniques and helps you to get in the ideal state, the present moment where creativity can flow. If you are interested in learning more about it. In the end, creativity happens everywhere around our brain – and everywhere around us. We can all trigger it – but the real deal lies in let it flow, closing and capturing it. eutaptics® and the 3 techniques mentioned above, capturing your creativity will definitely become an easier task in the future.
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Why Being Successful Is Difficult: How To Reach My Goals?

We’ve all been there – reading success stories from successful people and thinking we couldn’t get a place on that list. Have you done the same – and are you wondering why?

The first answer is – because you are buried deep down in your comfort zone, and we don’t even want to move or get away from it.

1. The Conscious And Unconscious Minds – And How Do They Work Together (Or Not)

The logical answer is that comfort zones are “built” inside each one of us, deriving from our unconscious mind that runs for aprox. 97% of our lives. In case you didn’t know, this mind is projected to make us think about all our experiences and not about our future ideas. Or we think about all our future ideas, but then all the reasons will pop in why you will never get there.

For example, if you have been poor all of your life – the expectation to continue being poor is normal and driven from your unconscious mind.

However, to reach your goals on any aspect of life, it’s the unconscious mind you should focus on improving. And although there are a lot of therapies that work with the conscious mind, the unconscious side still remains in charge– and focusing on it will help you reach your goals and be successful. This conscious vs. unconscious patterns can be best examined in the next part below.

Instead of being jealous and criticizing the fit people because they ‘work out too much’, the successful people because they ‘work too much’ or the goal-achieving ones because they ‘risk a lot’, you should understand that success happens once you get outside of your comfort zone. Simply put, that is how success works.

2. Reaching Your Goals Vs. Being Successful – The Eutaptics Formula

What you should put your conscious mind to is the state of ‘goal reaching’. In other words, instead of dreaming, you should start setting goals and actually start doing things. So, what to do to reach your goals.

  1. List What You Want To Achieve
  2. List Your Feelings And Beliefs – Why You Think You Can And Why You Think You Can’t Achieve what you Want
  3. Get your hands on the Eutaptics methodology and learn how to transform your life and how to change all the reasons why you think you can’t achieve what you want.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Eutaptics is one of the best tools for transforming your life. Developed by Robert G. Smith, it is the one-and-only formula that lets you change your negative experiences or unhealthy beliefs to positive thinking and actual goal setting (and reaching).

3. Summary

From feeling good to actual doing instead of dreaming, becoming successful is a greater reality once you get into the rhythm of the Eutaptics formula. If you want to establish a mindset that supports your goals, be more agile and conscious, you have to shift your lifestyle and take action instead of dream about it.

Create your own home for change and transformation – and transform your vision into action!


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